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Published 20.6.2017 - 8:30. Modified 27.9.2017 - 13:24. — Eija-Leena Laiho Release

September 28, 2017. 9.00–16.45

Helsinki University, Great hall

University Main Building, Unioninkatu 34, Helsinki, Finland


Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility, FinBIF (laji.fi / species.fi), kindly invites you to attend to the national biodiversity information seminar on September 28, 2017. The seminar is organised as a side-event of the GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) GB24-meeting, which is hosted by Finland.

Open biodiversity data is finally also available in Finland, thanks to FinBIF that was established in 2015 as a national Research Infrastructure. FinBIF is already sharing more than 27 M species observations/occurrences including sample-based data, museum collection data as well as opportunistic data. FinBIF data enables cutting-edge research in various fields of science, supports decision making by public authorities in the fields of natural resources and the environment, and opens up new horizons for teaching and education in general. FinBIF also digitises collections of natural history collections and introduces DNA-based taxonomy and identification tools to support research. Attend and see how!

The international speakers outline the status of Biodiversity Informatics from a global perspective and the FinBIF crew depicts the structure and function of the national service. Top scientist present the potential and current use of open data for conservation biology and climate change research. The afternoon themes shed light on the potential FinBIF holds in conservation, invasive alien species management and the “digital leap” of education. Join and become inspired!

The seminar can be followed also online: https://www.helsinki.fi/fi/unitube/video/20643

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Mr. Kari Lahti




Ms. Eija-Leena Laiho

Planning Officer, Information Technology



National Seminar in connection with GB24 in Helsinki

“Finnish Biodiversity Information for the Benefit of Society – laji.fi ”

September 28th 2017, the Great Hall of the University of Helsinki


Draft programme & contents
Time Programme pointPresenter
9.009.05Welcome wordsProfessor Leif Schulman, Director of Finnish Museum of Natural History, GBIF HoD for Finland
9.059.15Opening addressMP Ville Niinistö, Minister of the Environment in 2011–2014, conduced to the funding of FinBIF
9.159.35Biodiversity informatics - a Global PerspectiveExecutive Secretary Donald Hobern, GBIF
9.3510.10Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility - a Data Infrastructure for Science and SocietyManager Kari Lahti, FinBIF
10.1010.40Coffee & Tea 
10.4011.10The digital transformation of biodiversity institutions – a changing intellectual business modelHead of Diversity & Informatics Division Dr. Vincent Smith, Natural History Museum, UK
11.1011.30Utilising biodiversity information in conservation researchResearch Director Atte Moilanen, University of Helsinki & FinBIF
11.3011.50Social Media and Biodiversity Data in researchAssociate Professor Tuuli Toivonen, University of Helsinki
13.3013.50Plant invasion patterns in biased occurrence dataUniversity Researcher Sami Aikio, University of Oulu
13.5014.10Research based on bird monitoring and census dataPost Doc Researcher Andrea Santangeli, Finnish Museum of Natural History
14.1014.30Natural history collections and FinBIFResearch Director Ilari Sääksjärvi, University of Turku
14.3014.50DNA barcoding and FinBIFSenior Curator Marko Mutanen, University of Oulu Biodiversity Unit
15.0015.30Coffee & Tea 
15.3015.50FinBIF supporting e-learningProfessor Jouko Rikkinen, Finnish Museum of Natural History & Faculty of Biosciences, University of Helsinki
15.5016.10FinBIF and invasive alien speciesMinisterial Adviser Johanna Niemivuo-Lahti, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
16.1016.30FinBIF supporting Red ListingDr. Aino Juslén, Unit Director at the Finnish Museum of Natural History
16.3016.40Closing wordsLeif Schulman



Chrysis borealis Photo: Pekka Malinen/Luomus.
Photos: Ant: Wikimedia User Sandstein CC-BY, Owls: Wikimedia Bent Christensen CC-BY-3.0, Deer: Lynette Schimming Flickr: EOL Images CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0

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